Head of Pricing Data

Fulltime - 40 hours
location Leiden, The Netherlands

Flex IT is the market leader in Circular IT hardware and is growing rapidly in the European market. To further substantiate the business decisions, Flex IT is looking to hire a Head of Pricing data to lead and scale our new analytics team. The role of the Head of Pricing data is a new role within the organization, created to drive our decision-making process based on market-insight and facts. In this new position you will build from scratch the pricing data strategy that enables Flex IT to use real-time market data to establish a complex network of strategic pricing schemes that touches on pricing per country, changing market conditions, new versus refurb products and much more. The goal: to purchase and sell our product at the most optimal price across our active regions.


Marlene Lopes

Talent Acquisition Business Partner

Besides your analytical and commercial experience, to be successful in this role you will need to put your communication and interpersonal skills into high gear. In the role of Head of Pricing data, your work will affect all elements of our day to day business. For this reason, it is critical to partner closely with departments such as Finance, Sales, E-commerce, Operations, Procurement and Marketing.

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Introduce a clear vision how data drives the (pricing) decisions within Flex IT and champion that vision to engrain it into our culture.
  • You will be responsible to translate that vision into a workable strategy. At first you will do this by yourself but as the data needs for this company grow so could be your team.
  • You will be responsible to shape the pricing strategy for the sales and procurement side of our business by supplying the data,
  • Introduce a process for systematic pricing that moves with the seasonality, market, competitor pricing ao,
  • You will create access to market / competitor pricing data in (near) real time, which will allow you to advise on commercial pricing within our wide range of product lines and on our different platforms and channels,
  • You will develop models, dashboards and implement tools to make the price-setting process transparent and manageable.
  • Set up the analytics infrastructure to integrate the tools and data-sources needed for reporting and analyses to scale with growth,
  • Drive the introduction of the proper software systems that will help you determine ideal product pricing,
  • Work with Business Line Leaders and Commercial Team to develop a Global Pricing Strategy by country
  • Provide solutions and points of view on how to solve or answer analytical and measurement challenges, including measurement plans outlining strategic objectives, tools, data sources, and reporting frequency.
  • Work with complex data structures and produce easy-to-understand, error-free, and timely deliverables that analyze pricing, user behavior, eComm and others to provide actionable insights that address client business objectives
  • Create a data management system to connect sales and procurement.
  • Self-sufficiently manage reporting responsibilities and analytical projects
  • Provide proactive analytics support to other departments, including working with other teams to design and execute against analytics and reporting frameworks tailored to meet the needs of each campaign
  • Define and execute analyses that identify and prioritize key opportunities for improvement across customer value and engagement, sales and marketing, revenue, margin, costs, customer lifetime value, and other areas of the business.
  • With your data and pricing insights, you will be able to provide direct input into the eCommerce side of our business.
  • You will champion strategic areas where Flex IT can invest to improve our data capacities, tools, and reporting infrastructure. To do so you will partner with IT to create a robust data infrastructure.

Skills & Competences

  • You possess a background in both finance and data with a clear business sense.
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in (Circular) IT business.
  • “Hands on get it done” attitude.
  • Your communication skills are second to none, with the ability and confidence to present at all levels, including board level.
  • You possess previous experience in designing of dashboards and reports with a high standard of quality.
  • You are capable to create engaging and clear presentations.
  • You can easily connect the dots and tell the ‘story’ behind the numbers and data.
  • You have natural leadership tendencies, and you can be persuasive when needed.

Your modus operandi

  • You have a natural obsession with data accuracy and insights.
  • You are a factual and data driven decision-maker.
  • You have an innate ‘bridge builder’ mentality.



An assessment will be conducted with the potential candidate to evaluate a final fit for the role and organization.

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